2014 Boss Waza Craft 150 Watt Modeling Amp Head ~ Carbon Fiber


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2014 Boss Waza Craft 150 Watt Modeling Amp Head ~ Carbon Fiber

You are looking at a Boss Waza Craft 150-watt modeling guitar amp head. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of how awesome and versatile this unit is. It models a wide variety of legendary amp tones, dating back to the beginning of the rock & roll era. She’s all original and ready to rock!


  • Model: Waza Craft 150 Guitar Amp Head
  • Cabinet: Carbon Fiber
  • Power Output: 150 watts
  • Controls: Power switch, clean channel select switch, lead channel 1 & 2 select switches, amplifier switch internal A & B, loop switch series parallel
  • Clean Channel: Gain knob and volume knob
  • Crunch Channel: Gain knob and volume knob
  • Clean/Crunch Channel EQ: Bass, mid, treble, presence
  • Lead 1 Channel: Gain, volume
  • Lead 2 Channel: Gain, volume
  • Lead 2 Channel EQ: Bass, mid, treble, presence
  • EFX Loop A & B buttons
  • Clean/Crunch Channel: Reverb
  • Lead 1/Lead 2: Reverb
  • Power Consumption: 110w
  • Foot-Switch: Included
  • Power cord: Included
  • Width: 20-7/8”
  • Depth: 11-15/16”
  • Height: 8-7/8”
  • Weight: 33 LBS.
  • Serial # Z4G0126

I believe this was built in 2014 (which is the first year of production) but I have not been able to verify this. The amp has been used, so there are some minor scuffs and scratches, as you can see in the pics, as well as a small tear by the corner )also shown in the pics). Also included is the power cord and foot-controller, just as shown! Whoever brings this baby home is going to be totally STOKED!


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