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Story Behind Guitar String Bracelets

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We were getting ready for a guitar show and I was in the process of making guitar jewelry and bows with guitars on them. They were just little trinkets that the mom or dads could pick up for their kids. It was cute and did well but it didn't really move me personally.

The next guitar show we were getting ready for, I found old guitar strings that my husband had just changed in the trash. It was wrapped so it wouldn't hurt anyone and I thought there has got to be a way to recycle these strings. So I took them, boiled them, wiped them with alcohol and started to create. I quickly ran out of recycled strings and stole his new strings.

What I discovered is that these strings, new or recycled, made the most beautiful bracelets. It was a way to save the environment, be artistic, and make a couple bucks. It was amazing to see guitar players and enthusiasts who just loved the concept of the bracelet.

I mostly make recycled bracelets now because I'm all about saving the environment and they actually make nicer bracelets believe it or not.

Not one is alike. These are for both men and women, boys and girls.

You can order from what you see here. Or you can have your bracelet made to order by contacting me at mrobbins@gbratsguitars.com, 972-816-1137

These bracelets are very reasonable at $14.99 each Plus 7.99 S&H In the US. Internation S&H 19.99 including Canada.