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Who Are We?

G-Brat’s Guitars was founded by Scott and his wife Monique Robbins in October of 2003. They’ve been married for 33 years and have 3 kids (Chris - 31, Valorie – 30 and Sean – 28) who are all musicians as well. G-Brat's Guitars, Inc. is a full time internet guitar shop, with a very nice boutique setup. So if you are local in the Dallas area, please call and set up an appointment to visit; (972)816-7736

Scott Robbins

Scott’s passions have always been; God, family, and guitar.

He has been a guitar playing fool since 1969. He was a Classical Guitar major at Hartt College of Music (University of Hartford) and later went on to graduate from G.I.T. (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Hollywood , California . It was Scott’s passion for guitar and Monique’s encouragement and support, that led them to start this great venture, which birthed “G-Brat’s Guitars” in October of 2003. It has been a continued “learning experience”… but finally, in our 40’s and now 50's, we have found our niche! With an eye for detail, real quality, and genuine care for our customers… we only buy and sell the best pre-owned guitars… and we guarantee satisfaction. Whether you are buying a set of strings or an expensive collectable guitar… it is our goal to make every G-Brat’s Guitars customer, a repeat customer!

Monique Robbins

Monique's passions are God, family and art.

She has been in the graphics arts business for 30 years. Whether it was making titles for motion pictures and television or doing web design she always keeps her hand doing something artistic. You can usually find some of Monique's creative works in the form of guitar cards and guitar candy at most of the guitar shows that we attend.